In the East Village on 1st Ave and 10th, one may find Momofuku Noodle Bar.  If you’re a bun aficionado seeking the simple pleasures of stuffed fluffy bread with proteins and sauces, then it might behoove you to pony up at one of the growing Momofuku establishments popping up around the world.

The shrimp bun is, hands down, where it’s at.  I haven’t had anything like it before, and it’s brilliant. I know people rave about the pork bun here, but it’s loaded with fatty pork belly at double the amount and really could only fit into a porn star’s mouth. 

But there is magic in the shrimp bun, and as much as David Chang would detest anyone mentioning that there’s ever magic involved, I’d say he would be pleased if you forked over the $11+ and purchased as many as your stomach could hold.  If the food stays this good, I’ll log in around 90+ shrimp buns a year. 


Here is David Chang pounding out, rolling out, and alchemising food items like a magician into what is known as a Hot Brown.  You can read about this brilliant bonerfied morsel in his Lucky Peach quarterly food journal with writer Peter Meehan.  It’s a courteous invitation into David Chang’s kitchen laboratory, where he and his arsenal of fellow gastro mavens tackle some cutting-edge food artistry.  Whenever you’re in the city, I highly recommend stopping by one of his restaurants to behold his brilliant creations.